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Thank you for all you have done for all the children associated with CAPS! I wish you the best of luck in flordia!   Kelly
Thank you Kristina Kennedy-Babcock, for such a wonderful performance. XXXXX had the best time and made some great friends. It was a pleasure to help you backstage with the show and I got to learn a little about some of your talented actors & actresses. I wish I could have known you sooner to have Jake learn dance from you too. Best of luck to you and your girls in Florida. The kids there will be lucky to have you. Jess, and Belle, best of luck in your future endevors.
Congratulations to all of you on an amazing show. Your enthusiasm and energy shone through right till the end, which is not an easy thing to do! I loved the emotional ending, and I was tearing up right with you, Kristina. I'm sorry that we didn't find you earlier, but am very glad that XXXX was able to experience one show under your direction. These are memories she'll carry with her all of her life. Best of luck to you and your girls in Florida. I am confident that you will find the success and happiness you all deserve. Good things happen to good people.
What an amazing weekend of performances!!! You all were SHREKTACULAR!!!! It has been an awesome journey forXXX with CAPS!! This entire journey will give her memories forever! The tears she cried last night knowing it was all over broke my heart but knowing how much a part of her life this has become......as well as us parents......and how much it has meant to her is awesome!! She has grown and made amazing new friends!!! Thank you for this awesome experience Kristina Kennedy-Babcock!!! We will miss you and wish you...Jessica and Belle nothing but the best!!!
As we got in the car tonight XXXXX said "If I had been there 2 minutes longer I would have been bawling!" Then he cried the whole way home. He is going to miss all of his CAPS friends :(
I just wanted to say thank you for making this an awesome experience for XXXXX! She enjoyed being part of an amazing production. As first timers there were a lot of things to learn and take on. We did it together and it was a huge payoff!! I think all of the kids were AMAZING and they all did a FANTABULOUS job!! They have made new friends and have grown so much! The balance they have learned with school and rehearsal and their outside activites has been impressive!! So all the sweat and tears paid off when everyone in the audience was on their feet, and not just once!! Sorry we couldnt make it to the cast party tonight!! From the costumes, to the music, EVERYTHING, it was all great and we were happy to have shared this amazing experience with everyone!!! ~
The show was absolutely amazing!! The kids did a great job. Thank u to the parents and Kristina for all your hard work!!
XXXX and our family and friends thoroughly enjoyed the performances! Now all 4 kids want to audition for the next play! XXXX really enjoyed herself and learned alot, thank you for everything!
What a great show! You all did an amazing job. I hope I performed well behind the spotlight, I actually enjoyed that very much. You all had so much growth over the past week and should be so proud of yourselves. You overcame a lot of last minute hurdles! I also want to thank you all for making my daughters feel welcome into your cast and never feeling like an outsider. XXXXXXX  are looking forward to the production of Shrek! Til next time!

I want to thank you kristina- i had such an amazing time and i absolutely loved working with you:) everyone at CAPs is so fantastic.

Hi Kristina! Thanks for giving XXXXXX this amazing opportunity....she learned alot and met fabulous people. Everyone who saw the show is raving about it! You did a fantastic job!

I wanted to make sure to thank you for the privilege of working with you, Abby, Ben, and the cast. Im so glad i did the show, I wasnt sure how much I would really like it but I completly fell in love with the music and the cast. Thanks for being professional, and flexible, and knowlegeable and having an answer to every annoying question I had whether it be about set changes, costume, etc. If you ever need any acting/music/stage help in the future I would love it if you would let me know! Thanks again Kristina!

  • Great production of Hairspray!
    My friends and I loved the show! Continue bringing high quality theater to East Greenbush. Thanks.    Linda B.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to include me in the play
I enjoyed it tremendously and learned plenty
you are a fantastic director please keep me in mind for other shows
Thank you
Thank you for bringing such a wonderful show to this community and for giving these kids a chance to be a part of it. And many, many thanks for making it such a great experience, for putting together an amazing crew, and for all of your hard work, dedication, and endless energy and positive spirit. You are an inspiration!

I just wanted to say again how absolutely wonderful that show was. What you guys accomplished with such difficult (albeit wonderful) material is really impressive. I tried to congratulate as many cast members as I could, but please relay to them that I thoroughly enjoyed it and even cried! If I wasn't busy tomorrow afternoon I would come and see it again.

Congratulations on an excellent, excellent show.  I'll be getting the album ASAP.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just want to tell you again how fantastic "13" was.  I couldn't stop thinking about it all day today.  And on my way to work, I had the soundtrack in and when "Bad Bad News" came on I was crying and laughing at the same time.  All of the kids were fantastic, but it's obviously because of your leadership and vision that the production was what it was.  Really outstanding - thanks again.
Thanks for everything, we learned a lot during our first CAPS experience. 
Thanks, again, all the best, Carol
Kristina - Thanks again for giving XXXX this wonderful opportunity.  The show was amazing.
My kids had a great time with this produciton and we will miss you guys!
I wanted to tell you again what a fantastic production Beauty and the Beast was.  The staging, choreography, costumes, sets  it was really magnificent.  Thanks so much for once again having XXXXX be a part of it.  He particularly enjoyed this one, too - he told me this morning he made new friends and reconnected with old ones.  :-)
I also just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the show last night.  I especially liked to see my grandfather enjoying it!  I truly appreciate it! 

On a funny note, I have to tell you that during the show, in the beginning when XXXXX pushed XXXX  it looked AWSOME from the audience.  XXXX really enjoys working with you and all of the kids - again, thank you for giving her the opportunity!!!
XXXXX  was so thrilled to be on the stage tonight.  It is coming together beautifully, and will be a smashing success!    Thanks for all you do...
Now that the play is finished and XXXXX is back on the road to good health, I wanted to thank you and Karleen for all that you did to make the rehearsals fun and the show fantastic for the everyone involved.  XXXX loved being with your children and will miss them over the next few months but hopefully we will see you in the Spring for Beauty and the Beast!
Thank you again.  We both truly enjoyed the experience!
Merry Christmas!
Kristina, I have to thank you for giving XXXXX the opportunity to
perform in the show.  She is constantly singing and performing
around the house.  We went for a trial singing lesson with XXXX 
last night.  She loved it and she didn't even bat an eye
of being nervous.  Needless to say, she is taking lessons this coming
school year. 
You've given my child an opportunity and she has grown
from this.  No, parent can be more grateful and thankful for that. 

Thank you,
Kristina,  Bravo on Annie!!!
Everyone one of our family members and friends raved about the show, it was wonderful. I also can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience your company provides for XXXXX.  I never have to fight with her to go to rehearsals and practice.  She absolutely loves going, which is not the same with all of her other activities.
Her experiences with CAPS has helped her to grow as an individual and I can't thank you and your staff enough.
Thank you so very much!!!
"Annie" was so amazing and magical.. I can't thank you enough for giving XXXX the opportunity.  She loved every minute of it.
Kristina, you are amazing!  I can't believe how your theater co. has grown!  Congratulations!
Kristina -
I would like to personally thank you for giving XXXX  this opportunity.  She LOVED every minute of it and hopefully she will have the chance to perform again very soon!

Once again, thank you for making our first experience with theater a wonderful one.

I loved the costumes, I loved the set, in particular I thought Warbucks'
house was great.  I loved the added touch of the grecian columns as well.  I could not believe the set changes. In fact the first three set changes were so amazing, I did not even realize, for example, that the Annie meets Sandy scene was played in front of a curtain until the curtain opened again and voila!   I also loved the orphanage opening set. Your leads were just fabulous but, unlike other kids productions, the leads did not have to carry the show because in this production, EVERYONE acted and sang so well. 

Finally, it is amazing that you had so many kids that (at least from where
I sat) were dead-on pitchwise.  I heard not one sour note the whole night.

Finally, I am going to check the Web right now to see who could have
possibly beaten you out for the top spots for all-children's theater...I
don't believe it.
Dear Kristina,
Thank you for letting me be in Seussical. It was a wonderful experience. I made lots of new friends.  Once again thank you so much!
Dear Kristina,
A heartfelt thank you.  Your dedication and diligence to the cast and crew was truly appreciated. The production was wonderful and XXXX learned so much from you and the others.  I was very impressed with the group of kids.  They seemed to form a cohesive  and team mate like attitude everytime you worked with them,  great job.  Most importantly along with all that XXXX learned she had a terrific time.  Thank you!
Dear Kristina,
We are in awe of what you accomplish! And we recognize that you do so much of it yourself.  We want to thank you for the amazing experience XXXX had because of you.  We are so pleased the performances were as wonderful as they were.  We are very grateful to you that the entire program is positive in so many ways.  XXXXX looked forward to each and every rehearsal, as well as the performances.  CAPS gave him the opportunity to be with other children whose interests are similar to his, make new friends, and develop skills that he absolutely loves.  
Your experience in theater shows, and so does your experience as a parent which means so much to us as parents.   That you for everything you did over the past few months to create such a successful experience.
All the best,  Judy and Bill

Thank you for your support!