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Bring our classes to your daycare, school or facility in Sarasota or Manatee Counties! 

Creative Movement:
This class is designed specifically for children 3-6 years old.  It includes stretching, musical games, and beginning dance skills to develop attention spans and teach the students how to take direction. Props such as scarves, bean bags, mats, ribbons, and musical instruments are used to develop coordination and explore the wonders of movement.
The class will meet once or twice a week at your school or place of business.  Each class is 30-45 minutes long.  Classes must have at least 5 enrolled students to take place, and can have as many as 18 students. 
To get more information on bringing classes to your location please call:  (518)788-1311 or email: for more information. 

This is a great way for your child to participate in a fun activity without the long term commitment!  Perfect opportunity for schools and daycares to bring movement, music and dance into their programs.
ATTIRE: Comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Girls can wear leotards if desired.  Sweatpants, shorts, leggings are all acceptable.  Light weight sneakers, or ballet slippers are also needed.
Kristina Kennedy- Babcock will be teaching the class. Biography is available on the "About Us" page!